P != NP solved?

Well, it happens every now and then, that someone finds a proof for a long standing theoretical problem.
This time it’s the famous P = NP or P != NP problem of computer science that Gecko pointed me to:

Let’s wish him luck that his proof is flawless and accepted.
(Who’s the first one to say: “I’ve always known it” ? :D)

Sadly my wishes didn’t help :-/

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9 Responses to P != NP solved?

  1. harald says:

    Another interesting read regarding P vs. NP \proofs\:


    (P=NP wins the proof battle with approx. 30/59 ;-) )

  2. Archi says:

    Well, as long as he does not “proof” that p==np, we won’t be in much trouble ;)
    Anyway, it is good to see people working on that problem, and maybe we – even if the proof is faulty – maybe we get closer to the solution of this important question.
    But what is if he is right? What will be the next “well known” big problem in that research field? ;-)l

  3. harald says:

    Wow…the internet allows for fast review cycles ;-) There’s already a list of potential issues with the proof – quite impressive considering the length of the paper and the short time since its “publication” on monday.


  4. Dominik says:

    For the serious part of your side-note, could you enlighten us which of these ten points apply in your opinion?

    • joern says:

      I think the paper passed the 10 tests and currently is in this phase:
      “At some point, there might be nothing left to do except to roll up your sleeves, brew some coffee, and tell your graduate student to read the paper and report back to you.” ;)

      Nevertheless I think the list is a serious first filter heuristic for people who—unlike me—have to rate a lot solution attempts for big theoretical problems.

  5. Raphael says:

    What a pity :(

    Having only read the synopsis, I remain sceptical. We will see what his peers have to say about it.

    On page 7, “Now we close the loop and [...]” caused me to snicker maliciously. Bad me.

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