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Setting up a local DBpedia 3.9 mirror with Virtuoso 7

I just found this aged post in my drafts folder, maybe someone will still like it… So you’re the guy who is allowed to setup a local DBpedia mirror or more generally a local Linked Data mirror for your work … Continue reading

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BetterRelations (beta): some updates

Well, in a hopefully last coding “flash” this night I included some frequently requested features, most important: a “can’t decide” button: Enjoy (also see the first post)

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Introducing: BetterRelations – a Game with a Purpose

As many of you know I’m developing a game called BetterRelations for my MasterThesis. It is now available: BetterRelations (alpha) The game collects pairwise user preferences, which are then used to rate Linked Data triples by “Importance”. Would be cool … Continue reading

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