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TED: Hans Rosling – Religions and Babies

Heh, Hans Rosling did it again… fascinating stats and explaining world’s population growth (the big fill-up) with some leftover boxes. http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_religions_and_babies.html

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Live mapping of tweets, facebook msgs, emails, sms…

Reading the Wikimedia blog I stumbled over this interesting post. They mention a framework called Ushahidi (Swahili word for “testimony’) with its subproject SwitfRiver which can be used to track and verify the reliability of news concerning current trending topics, … Continue reading

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Beautiful data visualizations and why we need open data

Today when I attended a talk at LWA 2010 I remembered a nice talk about beautiful data visualization by Hans Rosling, that I want to share with you (it’s worth the time): When I searched for this talk I also … Continue reading

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Precision-Recall diagrams including the F-Measure

Today I was asked how to generate Recall-Precision diagrams including the f-measure values as height-lines from within python. Actually Gunnar was the one who had this idea quite a while ago, but constantly writing things into files, then loading them … Continue reading

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Did you know: Visone a nice tool to visualize graphs (kind of graphviz interactive) userfly a usability testing tool for websites (provides videos of user interaction)

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