Monthly Archives: October 2010

Setting up a local DBpedia mirror with Virtuoso

Newer version available: Setting up a Linked Data mirror from RDF dumps (DBpedia 2015-04, Freebase, Wikidata, LinkedGeoData, …) with Virtuso 7.2.1 and Docker (optional)

So you’re the guy who is allowed to setup a local DBpedia mirror for your work group? OK, today is your lucky day and you’re in the right place. I hope you’ll be able to benefit from my hours of trials and errors 😉 Continue reading

Daylight saving time

Well, you’ll have noticed, in Germany the daylight saving time striked once again… as per Romain I was reminded that many people have a problem remembering when the time is changed in which direction, so here comes my mnemonic (“donkey bridge” 😉 ):

It’s just the same as with garden furniture. In summer you put them in front of your house, in winter you put them back in your cellar.

So this means the time was shifted back one hour from 3 am to 2 am this morning. The only thing when it gets weird if you have a computer which already did the change and something else stubbornly claiming nothing happened.

Beautiful data visualizations and why we need open data

Today when I attended a talk at LWA 2010 I remembered a nice talk about beautiful data visualization by Hans Rosling, that I want to share with you (it’s worth the time):

When I searched for this talk I also came across the follwing two, the one above is a must, if you liked it, you might want to invest more time with these:

And last but not least another nice talk in this area, this time by David McCandless: