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As this is a private page and this section is mostly abused by spammers I’m only sharing further information upon request.


Own contents are produced with care, but mistakes possible, no warranty given, see license.
Comments are reviewed, the authors fill out the comment form with the intention of them to be published.

The WWW is based on the fact that we can easily link to content of other people. If you think I can control what they write on their pages or that those are static, you are wrong and misunderstood web basics. At time of writing, each link is set with care, but mistakes are possible.

In general: If you find something on this blog that you think is troublesome, wrong, illegal, insulting or want me to remove one of your comments: Contact me and I’ll correct or remove it asap. By taking legal action against me, without giving me a prior notice and chance to correct or delete things, you’re accepting that you owe me twice as much as your legal action will cost me.