Monthly Archives: April 2012

My name

Thanks to Paul for telling me about my name day: “Jörn (Der eberstarke, mutige, gute Freund)” (Jörn, the boar-strong, brave, good friend). Actually it’s fun to read the Plattdüütsch version which says as much as that it comes from Jürgen, and that one comes from Georg, but as people speaking that dialect were “mundfuul” (talk-lazy) they shortened it to Jörn 😀 (and i can really read it)

The English Wikipedia told me that I’m actually a village (yay, we all love RDF, don’t we? At least the knows more.)

Oh and there’s a trainstation with my name on it.


Git ad-hoc sharing

I recently found quite a cool way for easy sharing sharing of git code between two machines in a LAN or WLAN (as easy as in mercurial). The following command creates a git alias called “serve” (you only need to run this once so you don’t have to manually call git daemon ... each time):

git config --global alias.serve 'daemon --reuseaddr --base-path=. --export-all --verbose'

Get your IP with ifconfig. After this you can just cd into your code directory, (where the .git dir is) and then run:

git serve

This will host a small git daemon (server) and you can stop it any time with CTRL+C. While still running simply run this from the fetching computer (client):

git clone git://the_server_ip/

You can also run the server in a parent directory and actually serve multiple git repositories. If you do you need to include the relative path information to the .git-dir containing directory on the client side:

git clone git://the_server_ip/your/subdirs/here/

Subsequent calls like git fetch should also work. If the IP changes just change the origin remote’s link.

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