Monthly Archives: March 2011

LaTeX Thesis Skeleton

As it might be useful for other students (especially for computer science students at the University of Kaiserslautern), I decided to invest some time and create a skeleton for a thesis.

The project can be found on github:
I’ll happily include / pull changes.

Quick instructions to get started with your thesis:

  1. Make sure you have git, otherwise install it (e.g., on ubuntu: sudo aptitude install git-core)
  2. Run this:
    git clone git:// myMasterThesis

    It will create a directory called myMasterThesis in the current directory which actually is a git repository and includes a thesis directory.

  3. Enter it and have a look at thesis.pdf
  4. Insert your name, title, supervisors, etc. in thesis.tex.
  5. Get familiar with git, this is a good start.

That’s it.