LaTeX Thesis Skeleton

As it might be useful for other students (especially for computer science students at the University of Kaiserslautern), I decided to invest some time and create a skeleton for a thesis.

The project can be found on github:
I’ll happily include / pull changes.

Quick instructions to get started with your thesis:

  1. Make sure you have git, otherwise install it (e.g., on ubuntu: sudo aptitude install git-core)
  2. Run this:
    git clone git:// myMasterThesis

    It will create a directory called myMasterThesis in the current directory which actually is a git repository and includes a thesis directory.

  3. Enter it and have a look at thesis.pdf
  4. Insert your name, title, supervisors, etc. in thesis.tex.
  5. Get familiar with git, this is a good start.

That’s it.

4 thoughts on “LaTeX Thesis Skeleton

  1. Raphael

    Or you just head over to github and download the files you need.

    I am generally not a fan copying LaTeX skeletons — especially if they are as complex as this — because you do not really know what happens. Assembling your own over time teaches you a lot. But still, it might be worthwhile to have a look at others’ solutions, so thanks for the effort!

    I guess the title page is tailored to the provided blanks?

    Note that at TU KL, you have to give the abstract in both English and German.

    1. joern Post author

      Well, actually the command downloads the files from github 😉

      But yes, you’re right, usually it’s not a good idea to just get something and try to use it without understanding. That’s why the skeleton includes quite a lot of comments (especially thesis.tex), explaining what each of the includes does and some simple examples how to use them.

      Also this is the reason why I didn’t create a class, so people can change things to suit their need easily.


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