Introducing: BetterRelations – a Game with a Purpose

As many of you know I’m developing a game called BetterRelations for my MasterThesis. It is now available:

BetterRelations (alpha)

The BetterRelations Game in action (click to play)

The game collects pairwise user preferences, which are then used to rate Linked Data triples by “Importance”. Would be cool if you find time to play the game maybe in the lunch break and help me collecting the data for my thesis.

Feedback and bug reports are heartily welcome. If you know other interested players feel free to forward the link or this post, the more people, the better 😉

More to come, keep posted.

3 thoughts on “Introducing: BetterRelations – a Game with a Purpose

    1. joern Post author

      Sorry currently very busy, but as I said in the post I’ll come back to explaining things… for now: The gaming concept is similar to the one in Matchin, but behind the scenes a lot of things are quite different from what they describe in their papers: They are sorting one list with millions of pictures, I’m sorting a few thousand lists with up to a few hundred elements each.
      As I said: more to come.


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